Obama’s Right-Hand Man Under Federal Investigation For Fleecing Taxpayers Over $10M

According to the spin from the Left, former President Barack Obama ran the most exemplary administration that our nation has ever seen.

Reality sings a wildly different tune, as there have been a ton of signs that prove that Barack Obama’s policies, administration, and employees were nothing short of corrupt.

Another of those signs has emerged, and it’s one of the more mind-blowing ones to date. It involved Barack’s sidekick, who was fourth in the line of presidential succession. For this uber-powerful man to be under federal investigation for funneling millions of taxpayer dollars is nothing short of stunning.

The Daily Caller has the scoop.

A former senior Peace Corps official agreed to cooperate with any law enforcement investigations surrounding a scheme that funneled millions of Department of State dollars to a nonprofit founded and run by former Secretary of State John Kerry’s daughter, recently published court documents show.

Warren “Buck” Buckingham agreed to cooperate as a condition of an agreement with the Washington, D.C., U.S. Attorney’s Office that would keep him from facing prosecution for a related illegal lobbying charge, court documents filed Thursday and made public Tuesday show

Yes, that would be the same John Kerry that endlessly preaches about how everyone else should think, feel, and act anytime there’s a microphone in earshot.

The scheme points to the distinct possibility that his own house may not be in order, and a sense of irony looms in the air as a result.

Also as part of the agreement, Buckingham admitted to the charge that he lobbied his former Peace Corps colleagues to help his employer, Seed Global Health, secure a $6.4 million State Department-funded contract extension around September 2015.

Buckingham also helped Seed – a nonprofit founded and run by Kerry’s daughter Vanessa Kerry – secure it’s original nearly $3 million contract, which was also funded with State Department money, in September 2012. Buckingham soon left the Peace Corps while under investigation for improperly hiring an employee and subsequently sending the official lewd emails.

Officials from both agencies met with Vanessa and arranged the scheme that would funnel State Department money to Seed through the Peace Corps, previous Daily Caller News Foundation investigations show in detail.

But that doesn’t mean that her father has been caught up in this web, right?

Wrong. Buckingham was also hired as a consultant by Kerry’s State Department. Which means Kerry will be next in line for questioning. This is a big, big deal.

We’ll have to wait and see how this case ultimately turns out, but it’s tough not to walk away while shaking your head vigorously and wondering why those that preach about what we should all do can’t hold themselves to the same standards. But that’s what Democrats do, tell everyone else how to live squeaky clean lives while they live in corruption. Hopefully, justice will follow soon.

Source: Daily Caller


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