ALLEN WEST: A message to liberals who call NRA members like me “child murderers”

Everywhere you look, liberals are losing a gun-control debate.

While the innocent people who lost their lives are still being buried, not even a week after the Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School shooting, libs have been working tirelessly to politicize the event and come after our guns.

They are calling any one with a passion for guns “child murders” and attacking members of the NRA.

What is their true intent? Are they pushing for new-world order? That is not for certain..but one thing is. They are after your guns.

Take a look at what Allen West has to say about this:

Via allenbwest:

Yesterday, the hashtag #KillTheNRA started trending on Twitter, inspired by a vandalized billboard in Kentucky bearing the same message. It echoed comments from student survivors of the Parkland High school shooting on CNN over the weekend. When asked for their message to the National Rifle Association their response was “Disband. Dismantle. Don’t you come back here.”

“The fact that [the NRA] was in power for so long just goes to show how much time we need to spend fixing our country,” Parkland student Emily Gonzalez said. When the CNN anchor pointed out the NRA “gives millions of dollars to politicians, Gonzalez replied, “Politicians who accept this blood money are against the children, they’re against the people who are dying.” Fellow student David Hogg added “If you can’t get elected without taking money from child murderers, why are you even running?”

This is an example as to why the left has lost this debate. I am a Patriot Life Member of the NRA and a Board Member, and I’m now castigated as a “child murderer?” Yes, I own two AR-15s and an AR-15 carbine; they’re used for target shooting, blank generic silhouettes. The NRA isn’t some amorphous nondescript organism. The NRA is an organization made up of Americans, men, women, and young people. This type of over the top rhetoric does nothing to win folks over, nor does it advance any viable solutions.

I find it interesting that probably this same student has never spoken in the same terms regarding Planned Parenthood. That organization exists to murder unborn children.

Mr. Graham does a very adept job in responding to such absurd assertions, “To recap: the NRA is a group of “child murderers” who hand out “blood money” to desperate politicians to buy their support for the Second Amendment and, therefore, it should be “killed.”

Have I got that right? I’m double-checking because, as a regular, gun-owning-but-it’s-no big-deal, supports-the-Second-Amendment-but-isn’t-an-NRA-member guy–that sounds nuts. Let’s start with a basic fact about the NRA that seems to have been lost: The “A” is for “Association.” As in “freedom of association?” Or “assembly” as it’s called in the First Amendment. Some 5 million Americans choose to pay dues and “associate” with other like-minded people who share their views on gun ownership. The money talk makes it sound like the NRA is a trade industry group like the Association of Auto Manufacturers or the American Federation of Teachers, who represent the financial interests of their members. (The gun industry has one of those, too: The National Shooting Sports Foundation.) This distinction doesn’t make the NRA good or bad, but it’s simply wrong to look at them the way we look at, say, the National Beer Wholesalers Association when it comes to the issue of DUI laws. The NRA isn’t the beer sellers. It’s the beer drinkers.”

I would love to ask the student, Emily Gonzalez, if she has any issue with Associations like the National Educators Association (NEA) and the American Federation of Teachers (AFT) who both stand ardently against policies such as school choice, school vouchers, and charter schools? Shouldn’t Ms. Gonzalez want to see the best educational opportunities for all young people, all students?

Maybe Ms. Gonzalez should go over to Weston Florida and talk to some of those Venezuelan expats and ask them how well disarming the population– a Hugo Chavez initiative — has worked out in their home country?

I applaud student engagement and involvement, but I do not appreciate student abuse. What I see happening is the left is using and abusing these students at a very emotional time. They’re being taken advantage of, to include being given scripted questions, and paraded on liberal progressive media outlets for the expressed intent of advancing an ideological agenda. The sad reality, and why the debate is being lost by the left, is that their true colors are shining through. The fact that NRA Spokesperson Dana Loesch needed a security detail to depart the CNN Townhall is disturbing…in essence she was verbally assaulted. And who knows, there are some who would have physically assaulted Ms. Loesch if not for her security detail. And why was that detail necessary? I thought the purpose of the CNN town hall was to discuss solutions, not to advance hatred.

#killtheNRA means killing law-abiding, legal gun owners, Americans, who, as per our Constitution, do have a Second Amendment right, as enshrined in our Bill of Rights…or as I wrote at, maybe the left doesn’t believe we have that right. Yes, we can tighten up weapons acquiring procedures, but a law-abiding person has no issue with background checks. When are we going to focus on those who aren’t law abiding, instead of wanting to disarm and kill the law-abiding ones, which is what that hashtag means.

I wonder if Emily Gonzalez takes any issue with a violent group such as Antifa, a leftist group that physically assaults people with whom they disagree. I guess this is in essence what the left wants, subjugation. If we cannot, or do not have the right to defend ourselves, then what is the end result? The point that Emily Gonzalez, bless her heart, fails to realize is that we all want to serve, protect, and defend our schools, our children. And there are ways in which that can be done, but the left has lost this debate because what they want is obedience, by any means necessary.

I am certainly no child murderer…but Margaret Sanger was, and her legacy lives on. I suppose Ms. Emily Gonzalez is not as emotional about that, which happens every day in America, by the hundreds.


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