Kuwait, Whose OFFICIAL RELIGION IS ISLAM, Has Had A ‘M*slim Ban’ In Their Country Since 2011

‘Islamophobia’ is the left’s favorite war cry.

The word ‘phobia’ is defined as an anxiety disorder characterized by extreme and IRRATIONAL fear of simple things or social situations. So, to clarify, Americans that stands against Islam, or any other group/religion for that matter,that hates America and supports sharia law is NOT a ‘phobia.’ The fear of Islam is NOT irrational. Its is REASONABLE to want to vet anyone who enters our borders, especially those who come from terrorist sponsored countries.

So anyone who stands against it should go to ANY of the 7 named terrorist countries and go for a strolling their ‘peaceful cities.’ Surely then, you’ll realize it’s a good idea to stop them from coming in by the masses (if you even return).

VIA| The majority-Muslim country of Kuwait currently has a visa ban on three of the seven countries named in President Trump’s recent executive order, calling into question the alleged Islamophobic nature of the “Muslim ban.” Islam is the official religion of Kuwait, and yet passport holders from Syria, Iraq, Iran, Pakistan, and Afghanistan have reportedly not been able to obtain visas to enter the country since 2011.

Kuwaiti officials note the problematic “instability” of the countries – specifically, internal conflict and terrorism – as reasons for the travel restrictions. In 2015, a mosque in Kuwait was bombed, leading to 27 deaths.

Kuwait is not the only Arab state to take a tough stance on travel restrictions from unstable Muslim countries. Lieutenant General Khalfan, Dubai’s head of security even tweeted support for Trump’s executive order:

“We completely support Trump in his ban on entry to those who may cause a breach in America’s security.”

The United Arab Emirates also gave approval to the ban. Foreign Minister Sheikh Abdullah bin Zayed al-Nahyan said on Wednesday that Trump’s ban was not anti-Islam, and that it was a “sovereign decision” of the United States that must be respected.

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