Chuck Norris Halts Acting Career After His Wife Was Poisoned

We’ve all heard a Chuck Norris joke, but this is no laughing matter.  Norris decided to suspend his acting career for a truly bizarre reason.  His wife was inadvertently poisoned.

In a statement, the legendary actor said:

I’ve given up my film career to concentrate on Gena; my whole life right now is about keeping her alive. I believe this issue is so important.

The pair believes that Gena was poisoned by a medical device company during a routine MRI.

From an article that appeared on Rare:

The couple believes her body was harmed by injections she was given before an MRI to check for rheumatoid arthritis. The 54-year-old now reportedly suffers from burning nerve pain and kidney problems, and at one point during this ordeal, about four years ago, she feared she was going to die.

Norris is so certain his wife was poisoned by the contents of the injections that he has taken on medical device manufacturers in a lawsuit filed in California’s San Francisco Superior Court last week. The suit alleges that a chemical called gadolinium, used in MRI imaging scans, poisoned and weakened his wife.

Gadolinium is a metal found in what are known as contrast agents used in many MRIs, and some recent studies say it is retained by organs in the body, rather than being processed and excreted by the body within hours.

Since she received the procedure, Gena has felt as though her entire body is on fire.  She has been to the hospital over six times, but the doctors could not find out what was wrong with her.

Eventually, the Norris couple and the doctor felt it was time to re-evaluate the safety of gadolinium. Finally, Gena entered a clinic that studies the effects of gadolinium.  At the moment, experts disagree on its safety.

Almost $2 million has been spent to treat Gena.  The lawsuit is pending.

In her words:

It’s infuriating and heartbreaking — it’s a vicious, ugly secret that has been kept hidden — something Chuck and I are determined to change.

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