If You’re White, It’s Time to Throw This Fashion Away…

If you have hoop earrings and you’re white, it’s time to pitch them.  You’re guilty of cultural appropriation.

On Tuesday, an article in VICE demanded that white women stop wearing hoop earrings.

Ruby Pivet, the author of the column said:

Every few years we are reminded that our language, culture and style is available for white consumption, but our existence is nothing more than superficial. In the early 2000s, Carrie Bradshaw dismissed the gold jewellery she often sported in Sex and the City as “ghetto” and “fun” but not serious. Now hoop earrings are back in fashion, and it feels like not much has changed since the show ended.

She further claims that hoop earrings are a statement of resistance and strength by minorities.  She tries to drive home her point, or lack thereof, by detailing a story from her childhood.

Back in primary school, my family went on holidays to the Grampians. An outgoing child, I made friends with another girl my age. like me, she was named after a gemstone. Unlike me, she was skinny with pale white skin. The day her family was set to leave, we played in the pool all afternoon. The earrings given to me by my grandmother were wrapped up securely in my towel. When I got out of the water my friend was gone, and so were the earrings.

In my mind’s eye, I picture her clutching them with little care for the significance they held for me. Those earrings were a symbol of my place in the world as a Latinx-Australian, something I still struggle with understanding and navigating. She saw them as something shiny she liked and could simply take.

I am failing to see how this story proves that white people are “comfortable” stealing everything from minorities.  Maybe the little thief just needed stricter parents?

Read her ridiculous arguments in full on here.


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