HUMILIATED! Watch Joy Behar Forced to Apologize For Spreading FAKE NEWS

Friday, ABC’s “The View” turned into an even bigger low-info three-ring circus than we usually see it, with Joy Behar gleefully spreading ABC’s fake news story that Trump directed General Michael Flynn to contact the Russians while he was a candidate.

Behar broke the news mid conversation laughing and grinning ear-to-ear as she read the fake “breaking news” to her liberal audience, who erupted in cheers.

However… Brian Ross, the disgraced ABC “reporter” got it wrong.

Very wrong.

Ross’ erroneous story tanked the Stock Market by more than 300 points. And as the truth may have it, Trump’s cabinet directed General Flynn to contact Russia and other countries regarding foreign matters AFTER he had already won the election, which is routine protocol.

Behar received massive backlash for her manic excitement over the fake story and was forced to apologize today on “The View.” Watcher her apology here:

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