SAFE Cities Network Could Increase Number of Illegals Allowed to Stay in U.S. by 1,100% Using YOUR Taxes

President Donald Trump’s administration has made the government do a 180 in the immigration department.

Within the country and along the Wall, deportations have risen.  Now, liberals are hoping to reverse that trend.  How?  They’re going to use your tax money to make that happen.

The Vera Institute of Justice just announced a new program.  It’s called the Safety and Fairness for Everyone Cities Network.  It allows publicly funded legal representations for both legal and illegal immigrants that have deportation and detainment hearings.

The program hopes to solve problems published in a study by the New York Immigrant Family Unity Project.  In the study, when the immigrant fought against his or her deportation, they only had a success rate of 4%.  With legal representation, that number jumped to 48%.

This is an increase of 1,100%.

The Vera Institute says that the cities are all politically diverse.

From their release:

Network members come from 11 politically, economically, and ethnically diverse jurisdictions that are united in their commitment to the belief that … a crucial way to keep our communities safe is to ensure legal representation for those whose future depends on it.

Here are the 11 network members.  Make your own judgments.

The 11 members are: Atlanta, GA; Austin, TX; Baltimore, MD; Chicago, IL; Columbus, OH; Dane County, WI; Oakland/Alameda County, CA; Prince George’s County, MD; Sacramento, CA; San Antonio, TX; and Santa Ana, CA

Did you spot it?  Even in red states, these are all left-leaning cities.  Not exactly politically “diverse”.

More from the Vera Institute:

[Eleven] jurisdictions are providing funding for trained legal service providers to represent immigrants facing deportation proceedings supplemented by a catalyst grant administered by Vera.

If you read between the lines, this means Vera used private funding to start the program.  Now, the cities will be taking over.  And they’re going to use taxpayers’ money.

While I have no qualms about using private funding, using tax money is crossing a line.  Many citizens are against keeping illegals within their cities.  Now, they’re stuck defending them.

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