Trump Just Unleashed ‘Mad Dog’ Mattis On Islamic Migrants, This Is Their One Way Ticket To Hell

Obama spent the last 8 years releasing high-ranking jihadists from GITMO, and refused to ever decry the actions of his M*slim kin.

It is important that we understand that no community can allow a group to live among it’s people, if that group has a book that they live by that commands said group to go and live among other communities that do not live by their book and force said community to live by the book and if they do not, then the book commands them to KILL THEM.

Does anyone else realize how disturbing this is? Just ask the Buddhists of Afghanistan, the Hindus of Pakistan or the Christians of Lebanon if a community should allow the people to live among them? Hindus and Christians in those countries where brutally murdered by Muslims spreading Islam by the aforementioned tactic.

But now under President Trump and ‘Mad Dog’ Mattis in control, there’s a new sheriff in town.  And what was just leaked about Trump’s latest executive order has terrorists and Obama absolutely livid, as their time to pollute the earth with Islam is quickly drawing to an end.

Check this out:

VIA| According To freedomdaily One of President Trump’s promises before he took office was to “make America safe again,” and it appears as though he isn’t messing around with keeping his word. Despite Obama’s efforts to dump out hordes of Muslim terrorists from GITMO back into civilization, President Trump’s latest plan with how to deal with these very same terrorists has Obama and his Muslim buddies completely sh*tting themselves.

According to a breaking report by FOX Business, President Trump is in the process of drafting up an executive order that would send any dirtbag discovered to have ties to ISIS be sent straight to GITMO, where “Mad Dog” Mattis could then lock these a**holes up for good, and they’d never see the light of day again. The order would also extend to anyone associated with the Taliban or al Qaeda as well, sending a clear message to Muslims residing here individuals not to f*** with America.

New York Times has more on the developing story:

White House officials have detailed their thinking about a new detainee policy in an evolving series of drafts of an executive order being circulated among national security officials for comment. While previous versions have shown that the draft has undergone many changes – including dropping language about reviving C.I.A. prisons – the plan to add Islamic State detainees to the Guantánamo population has remained constant.

The latest version of the draft, which circulated this week, would direct Defense Secretary Jim Mattis to use Guantánamo to detain suspected members of “Al Qaeda, the Taliban, and associated forces, including individuals and networks associated with the Islamic State.”

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