When He Jammed 6 Poles Into The Ground, Neighbors Frowned. Days Later They’re LOVING IT!

If you’re like me, you love the outdoor space at your home. Even if you’re in a city, you can usually find a little bit of space that’s green and fresh. But if you’re blessed to have a backyard, you can unleash your any number of DIY projects including creating a patio that transforms into a pool.

When it comes to making any improvements on your home or your yard, it seldom goes unnoticed by neighbors. While sometimes they’re happy to see a nearby property getting improvements done, other times they’re skeptical or even jealous of the way it looks. This project is one of those. Once your neighbors see it, they’ll be copying you in no time.

The man who shared these photos wanted a little more privacy in his Milwaukee home. So, what he did stunned everyone in his neighborhood. And they quickly got jealous. Now he’s not the only person with a pool and patio in his backyard. We can all thank this guy with an eye for the DIY. Check out what he did below!

With just a few extra square feet of space in his yard, this man decided to transform it into a space to relax and get some privacy making his neighbors jealous.

So first, he cemented six Douglas fir 4x4s into the ground. This will become the frame. Inspired by the idea behind Venetian blinds, he started adding cedar slats between the 4x4s so he could see out, but the nosy neighbors couldn’t see in. It also lets in a gorgeous breeze.

After it was finished, he stained the fence and used Waterlox to waterproof his creation. And he didn’t stop with the finished fence. He had an even bigger vision. If his neighbors didn’t know he was a resourceful guy, they certainly did after this project was finished.

He dug a trench and placed decking blocks that were meticulously measured to ensure they were even. He lay the deck foundation and then started adding deck boards on top.

He finished the deck and stained it. It’s already had 20 people on it and is still standing strong.

The final result was well worth the work and cost him in total only about $1,500! With that kind of budget, almost anyone can create a patio for their backyard.

There is no doubt his wife enjoyed the surprise. And so did their pooch! I can only imagine how many beautiful summer evenings they’ve been fortunate enough to enjoy outside, now that they have a beautiful backyard porch and patio to sit out on.

Have you ever wanted to do some hard work in your backyard? If so, this is the kind of project you can do yourself with a little bit of planning and elbow grease.

Check out the video below to see the finished product!

Would you ever do something like this at home?

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