WOW! Angry Kid Flips Out, Flips Table, And Ruins Thanksgiving! [video]

Everybody has family problems, but are yours as bad as this?

This got a little heated this year at one family’s Thanksgiving dinner. It all started with probably what most families do: Everyone goes around the table and says something they’re thankful for.

Have you seen all those YouTube videos of the kids throwing things at their TV’s and having temper tantrums while playing Halo? Well… that kid was up first to talk about what he was thankful for.

He started off saying he was thankful for the food and that,” Wal-Mart does a great job!” Then he went on to thank his mom for buying him a new video game counsel, and then… that’s when it happened.

This little brat went on to thank his dad for throwing his other video game counsel away… Gee I wonder why?! That’s when his own father wasn’t havin’ it… and… well… just watch the video.

Let’s just say… I don’t think this kid is getting the invite to Christmas dinner.

Angry Kid Ruins Thanksgiving

Things got a little heated at this Thanksgiving dinner 😂By Jesse Ridgway

Posted by LADbible on Friday, November 25, 2016


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